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Specialists in the Financial Management
of Secure Residential/Commercial Developments

Body Corporate Management Services, is an organisation that specialises in the financial management of secure residential and commercial developments, operating as sectional title schemes or section 21 companies.

We have been operating in this field for more than 16 years, providing a very personal and professional service to our clients.

The services that we offer add significant value to secure residential and commercial developments by providing a high level of support for Body Corporates.

This support takes the form of fiduciary advice, financial management expertise and taking on many of the tasks for which a Body Corporate has no time available.

In addition, we assist by ensuring year on year managerial and financial continuity.

To access the website for your specific residential estate, please select "Login" from the menu and enter your account number and password when prompted.

If you would like a demo, please login using the account number "DM001" and the password "demo", without the quotes.